More Terrain

An unprecedented bout of terrain building vigor has actually seen me build a few more pieces for my Gauls!  So now I have my own little slice of Gallica to defend from those naughty Roman imperialists. Continue reading →


Making Terrain

So with the excitement of the hotness that is ADLG and the prospect of expanding from DBA to a ‘proper’ big battle spectacle – my regular opponent and I lamented the typical approach to ancients terrain.  i.e. Little swaths of brightly coloured felt, typically geometrically optimised for maximum on-table performance!  Now I have been guilty of this approach myself as it is incredibly practical – especially as most ancients rules sets involve little wee bases where the relative positioning is fairly important – hence jostling and uneven surfaces becomes an issue.  Surely there is a way to combine practical with aesthetic sensibility – time to get my Japanese funk flowing methinks… Continue reading →

Fresh ‘Preserved’ Meat!

The Supermutants ventured back into the wastes last night in another game of This is Not a Test.  This time I headed over to Jason’s place and played on his totally awesome Fallout terrain.  He decided to deploy his Brotherhood of Steel (Preserver) warband on a relic recovery operation.  My Supermutants, scavenging for loot themselves were soon distracted by the smell of fresh meat… Continue reading →

Post-apocalyptic Fun with TNT

As a long time fan of the Fallout series of CRPGs and a firm believer that you can never play too many skirmish rulesets – I have recently dived into the world of This is Not a Test (TNT).  TNT is a great little skirmish ruleset that harks back to the glory days of Necromunda in its feel – albeit with modern, more streamlined mechanics.  The theme is basically ‘Fallout’ – but it is super flexible and really any post-apocalyptic setting is feasible thanks to the extremely diverse warband rosters.  Last night I had my first ever game with Andy on his super cool table that he has been working on. Continue reading →

Adventures in India

Lately a few of the local DBA enthusiasts have been involved in an ongoing ancient warfare campaign (read more here at Keith’s excellent Blog if you are interested).  Beginning following the conquests of Alexander and running through the rise of Carthage & Rome the campaign captures much of classical warfare.  With my poor availability I’ve made myself available to participate in some of the minor roles while the dramatis personae invade and conquer territories across the ancient world.  My first battle saw me taking command of a Classical Indian army, repelling an invasion of Asiatic Successors under command of Eumenes (also known as Jim). Continue reading →

Imperial Service Fashion Parade

I’ve been doing quite a lot of painting lately – no actually I have that wasn’t a joke…  With Infinity getting a big shot in the arm recently with the release of Human Sphere N3 and of course the plethora of amazingly sexy models that Corvus Belli keep producing – I have been oddly motivated!  So thought I would share some of my recent work on my Yu Jing Imperial Service force. Continue reading →