Rebel Fleet Reinforcements

Christmas came early this year with the arrival of the new Armada Wave 2 ships, I managed to convince my wife to ‘buy me one’ for Xmas which is way better than socks!  Always a fan of the underdog Rebel Alliance I picked up the Home One expansion featuring the mighty MC80 Star Cruiser.  Matching up against this in its first outing would be Jon with his also brand new Imperial Star Destroyer.  The big ships are here and Armada finally feels like the epic fleet battle that it is supposed to 🙂 Continue reading →


The Gallic Wars

I popped down to the Woolston club today for a couple of games of DBA with Brian.  I took my Gauls and he bought along a classic match up in the form of Marian (late Republic) Romans – so think Julius Caesar vs Vercingetorix.  As DBA is such a quick game to play we got through a couple of games, but what I found fascinating was just how differently they played out. Continue reading →

Mustering the Horde

So I thought I’d throw up some pics of my Gauls I’m working on for DBA.  This project started a long time ago as a full blown 15mm army but sort of petered out alongside the initial excitement around FoG as it became clear it wasn’t the one ancients set to rule them all.  Anyhow DBA has actually had a new edition out as of last November – DBA 3.0.  Apparently published by reclusive monks it is somewhat difficult to get hold of around these parts, but from all accounts the rules have been greatly tidied up.  So I’m looking forward to a game shortly and I’ll try and post up some thoughts afterwards. Continue reading →

Imperial Fleet Engagement

Jon popped over at short notice this evening for a game of Armada.  We are both eagerly awaiting the arrival of Wave 2, but for now we settled on a 400pt Wave 1 game.  I was keen to try out the Imperials having not commanded them for a while.  I went for a list that isn’t what I’d normally go for – fairly light on upgrades and with a lot of brute power:

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