A Frosty Grave

So I caught up with Jason, Jamie, and Andy the other day at Jason’s place where we cranked up a couple of games of Frostgrave.  For anybody unfamiliar with Frostgrave think a modernised and streamlined Mordheim.  Basically 28mm fantasy skirmish between warbands led by wizards set against the backdrop of a ruined city that is in the process of ‘thawing’ out, revealing, treasure, monsters, and all sorts of other trouble!

I whipped up a quick little warband using some old GW Dark Elves I had lying around.  Led by the mysterious Lady Illarya, an illusionist skilled in magic focused on manipulating and fooling the senses to achieve her nefarious goals!

Lady Illarya

Lady Illarya having just cast ‘Beauty’ on the first turn

Jason had a warband led by a Thaumaturge – a weakling practitioner of ‘good’magic.  Both warbands had been exploring the ruins when one of  Jason’s henchmen stumbled across a Genie in a bottle!  The Genie immediately attacked, unfortunately as it was immune to normal weapons there wasn’t much Jason was able to do about it other than hope to hold it at bay while his men gathered the rest of the treasure.

Meanwhile the fight between the warbands was heating up, Jason’s Thaumaturge casting a shield spell on his Knight, following this up with the Leap spell to catapult him forward into combat with my own henchmen.  Lady Illarya however used her deadly charms to Mind Control the impetuous knight, which was cast with such power that the Knight was unable to break free for the rest of the game!

Mind Control2

Lady Illarya’s charms prove too much for the weak willed Knight

Both sides ranged combatants intensified shooting – one of the Dark Elf crossbow bolts found its mark, skewering one of Jason’s Bowmen.  Jason in turn had maneuvered his powerful Ranger into a dominant position overlooking the battle.  However Lady Illarya had an idea, whispering her plan to her Templar bodyguard, she used her powerful magic to Transpose herself with the hapless Ranger, who found himself on the receiving end of the Templars double handed sword!

Transpose 2

Lady Illarya trades places with Jason’s Ranger – who is in big trouble!

Revenge was swift however as Jason’s Thaumaturge launched a devastating Elemental Bolt at one of my Infantrymen, who was burnt to a crisp instantly.  Illarya narrowly avoided a similar fate the next turn despite her Beauty giving the ‘good’ wizard pause for thought.  The battle began to wind down with Jason’s Thieves scampering off the table with their treasure.  While my Dark Elves struggled to get the treasure off in time as dusk approached.

In a final gambit Jason was able to break combat with the Genie and with a cleverly arranged Push spell, forced the Genie towards my own warband – who were in turn protected from harm by Jason’s own mind controlled Knight who battled the Genie to a standstill to ensure no harm came to any Dark Elves.  As night settled the warbands headed back to their respective bases to count their loot and nurse injuries.



  1. Cool report Ben. That Mindcontrol is going to be something to watch.

    Jason and I played our most recent game with no turn limit. Was as expected: Now have two choices, either secure your three treasures (neither of us can roll ‘reveal secret worth a damn) OR leave some and push the centre of the board.

    No turn limit means you will get any unclaimed treasures if you are last man standing. So more incentive to play aggressively as you can actually use your warband AND tagging a model as he runs means you will get the direct benefit, rather than a share of the indirect benefit like before.

    For some reason, Jason pushed the middle but not in force, outcome was near total wipe for him. But of course almost everyone survived their injury rolls. These were our ALT warbands for the linked thing.

    This isn’t linking to my g+ ID so -Jamie



  2. Hmmm, good thinking – you are right unlimited turns actually forces you to move on the treasure ASAP to get something ‘in the bank’. I need to play a few more of the other mission types to get a better feel for it personally.



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