OSS Tech Recovery

After another fairly lengthy hiatus from the tabletop I managed to sneak in a game of Infinity (a 28mm sci-fi skirmish for those of you unfamiliar) round at Jason’s place.  This game is part of a really neat global campaign that Corvus Belli are currently running called Operation Flamestrike – so the fate of the world (well Paradiso) was literally at state!

The mission parameters were defined by the campaign location, which as the Narooma Advanced Medical Complex meant a game of ‘Coffin Raiders’.  This mission is a bit different to your typical line ’em up and gun ’em down affair that we are used to – with success determined by downloading Data Packs from ‘Tech Coffins’located in a central objective room, and then transmitting these through consoles located in various places around the board.  I found I didn’t need to tweak my standard Aleph list much to accommodate the heavier focus on objectives and hence specialists.  Jiggling the usual suspects around left me with 5 specialist troops capable of grabbing the data.  2x Dakini Paramedics, Deva Hacker, Naga Hacker, & Dasyu FO.  Jason likewise tweaked his Combined list – but needless to say as soon as things got underway we both largely ignored the objectives in favour of murderating each other to death with extreme prejudice…

I’ve already actually written up a battle report as part of the campaign, link here – but thought I’d re-post here with some additional comments.

Operation Gilded Cage

***BRIEFING 0450.32 ZTD***
Suspicious activity within local workers at the Narooma Hospital Complex has been reported by intelligence sources. A number of Tech Coffins were reported missing from hospital inventory, contents unknown. The Tech Coffins have been traced to a derelict industrial service facility on the outskirts of the hospital. An OSS interdiction team has been assembled to retrieve the Tech Coffins.

Aleph Taskforce 01

OSS Interdiction Team ready for deployment

Unknown alien forces have been identified inbound to the facility, engage and retrieve the Tech Coffins.

***COMBAT REPORT 1517.09 ZTD***
Enemy operatives confirmed Combined Army – commenced engagement:
…Dakini #5467 reports enemy sniper neutralised
…Dakini #5321 –NON RESPONSIVE–
…Deva functionary L-host (Price) reports enemy command element codename: CHARONTID eliminated – no apparent impact on command and control capabilities
…Suspicious civilian activity reported

Dakini Casualties 03

Early Aleph casualties attempting to advance to the objective room

***COMBAT REPORT 1532.14 ZTD***
Heavy resistance encountered – sustained enemy counterattack:
…Enemy airborne incursion detected codename: KO DALI – Asura combat L-host (Tsarenkova) engaging
…Dakini #5332 –NON RESPONSIVE–
…Deva functionary L-host (Crenshaw) –NON RESPONSIVE–

Suspicious Civilian Activity 04

Suspicious civilian activity in the Aleph rear!

***COMBAT REPORT 1545.73 ZTD***
High intensity combat – mission parameters outside operating tolerance, estimated 23% probability of Tech recovery:
…Asura combat L-host (Tsarenkova) –NON RESPONSIVE– telemetry shows massive spike within neural cortex: suspected enemy hacker activity
…Naga recon L-host (Daedelus) reports enemy hacker identified and eliminated
…Dasyu infiltration L-host (Silver) enacts assassination protocol A3PN: enemy fire support Remote neutralised
…Dakini #5467 reports enemy bio-mechanoid element neutralised
…Garuda #324 reports airborne insertion complete
…Garuda #324 reports enemy batroid neutralised
…Garuda #324 –NON RESPONSIVE–
…Dasyu infiltration L-host (Silver) reports successful download of Data Pack
…Dasyu infiltration L-host (Silver) reports successful transmission of Data Pack

Sattelite Recon 02

High intensity combat breaks out in the dense urban environment

***COMBAT REPORT 1556.33 ZTD***
Enemy forces severely depleted – continued threats in localised regions
…Dasyu infiltration L-host (Silver) –NON RESPONSIVE–
…Deva functionary L-host (Price) reports enemy element codename: KO DALI eliminated

***COMBAT REPORT 1602.15 ZTD***
Command and Control reset protocol LOL15 – remaining units comms check:
…Naga recon L-host (Daedelus) reports successful download of Data Pack

***COMBAT REPORT 1607.67 ZTD***
Enemy forces in retreat. Commencing ex-filtration with partial Tech recovery.
Sector secure.

Post Game Thoughts

Well another hilarious game of Infinity that resulted in Jason and me completely massacring each other in extremely short order!  Not terribly surprising as we are both running arguably the two most elite forces and we both had hard hitting models (my Asura, his Charontid) and relatively small order pools.  Also many of the orders we executed resulted in decisive outcomes.  This was a combination of the dice just  ‘happening’ but also the forward positions we had to adopt to achieve the mission objectives which saw a lot of models exposed and out of cover.  In fact the game was so action packed with lots of brutal AROs that at the beginning of his second turn Jason was convinced he had already played two turns!  Key moments in the game included:

  • The Charontid & Makreep sniper getting gunned down on turn 1 thanks to my Deva Spitfire & Dakini Sniper respectively
  • Asura getting ‘Ko Dali’d’ from behind (can you say Airborne Infiltrating B5 dual Assault Pistols with BS14 & MSV2?!!) and then finished off by a sneaky ‘Sucker Punch’ ARO through a batroid repeater!
  • Jason’s TR Remote going rambo and murderating the vast majority of my order pool
  • Dasyu gunning down the TR Bot and then ACTUALLY DOING A MISSION OBJECTIVE!!
  • Ko Dali murderating my Garuda, Dasyu, and nearly my spitfire Deva before finally being killed!

So thanks to Jason for the entertaining game and I hope to get another campaign game in soon!


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