The Rebellion Strikes Back!

So had a farewell game of Armada with John the other week (he is moving overseas) – took a few happy snaps from the game so thought I’d throw these up with some quick comments. 

I took my Rebels with a reasonably rounded list but quite strong emphasis on squadron support within my ships.  John had some souped up Raider I corvette’s with ACMs and Ordinance Experts escorted by a dirty great ISD!  I won the initiative and picked John’s Firelanes mission – which was the first time we had played that – it is a pretty cool mission as it had a BIG impact on deployment and the way the battle unfolded due to the large number of VPs up for grabs.

01 Deployment

Ready for battle!

My ships are from left to right: Jaina’s Light, Salvation, Defiance, Yavaris.  John has his third Raider I just off to the left of the picture.  I was also fielding Luke & Dutch, while John had Howlrunner.

02 Turn 1

Top of Turn 1

I managed to sneak the left hand objective token at the end of turn 1 but John got the other two.

03 Epic

Awesome Mon Cal looking Awesome!

My new favourite upgrades on the Mon Cal are Boosted Comms and Wing Commander.  They give ultimate flexibility for activating crucial squadrons at the right time – it is very difficult to predict three turns in advance when you will have a key opportunity to mobilise squadrons so I think the 6pts is well worth it, while the Boosted Comms gives you more freedom with how you fly the Mon Cal OR where you choose to setup the squadron engagement.

04 Salvation boom

That used to be a Raider…

First blood goes to Salvation – John got very cheeky with his Raider on the flank and tried to race straight past Jaina’s Pride & Salvation.  But their combined firepower dropped the Raider in a single turn – largely due to some ridiculous dice rolls on my behalf!

05 Turn 2.jpg

Top of Turn 2

Top of turn 2 and the Mon Cal was in for a walloping as it crossed the T on the ISD and Raider.  Squadron engagement had gone my way slightly due to heavy investment in squadron commands.  With my Mon Cal steaming forward I was actually able to claim two of the three objectives this turn.

06 Epic!!

This is going to hurt!

I activated Yavaris first to try and deal with the Raider that was about to drop a bunch of Assault Concussion Missles in my face.

07 Y-wing FTW

Gold Squadron reporting target destroyed!

The combination of Yavaris’ forward Turbolaser batteries and a barrage of Proton Torpedoes from the Y-wings JUST killed the Raider thanks to General Dodonna’s expert targeting of critical systems!

That did however leave my Mon Cal at the mercy of the Raider which did I think 10 damage over the course of two attacks!  The ISD following up knocked it down even more – but the sturdy battle-cruiser soldiered on.

08 Luke

Luke Skywalker faces down the ISD!!

The early investment in squadron commands pays dividends with the plucky rebel snubnose fighters winning a decisive victory over the TiE ln Interceptors supported by Howlrunner.  Luke predictably missed his shot at the ISD…

09 Spear of destiny

Salvation like a boss…

As the Mon Cal slips out of the front arc of the ISD it limps off with no shields and less than half HP remaining.  Salvation brings the pain with a massive frontal assault in the classic Neb B attack pattern codename: BANSAI.  The remaining rebel fighters commence attack runs and finally destroy the mighty ISD, sealing the Rebel victory.

Thanks again for the game John, you will be greatly missed – but I’m sure you will have a great time and we will catch up for a game whenever you get back downunder.  While the end result was a victory for the Rebels it could have easily swung if those two Raiders had got their shots in (I only JUST killed them mostly thanks to jammy dice rolling) – they can just unload so much damage it is crazy!!  Also the mission was really interesting and I’d suggest anybody give it a go if you haven’t already – it really made us think at deployment and throughout the course of the game as to where we wanted our ships to be.


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