Imperial Service Fashion Parade

I’ve been doing quite a lot of painting lately – no actually I have that wasn’t a joke…  With Infinity getting a big shot in the arm recently with the release of Human Sphere N3 and of course the plethora of amazingly sexy models that Corvus Belli keep producing – I have been oddly motivated!  So thought I would share some of my recent work on my Yu Jing Imperial Service force.

I actually picked these models up a wee while ago but never really got very far with actually getting them painted – one of the barriers being how to paint the signature yellow/orange armour of Yu Jing.  I finally tracked down Angel’s recipe (I’ve used Vallejo Orange Brown under Scrofulous Brown with highlights).  Ironically not long after purchasing these models Corvus Belli actually went and re-released newer – fancier models of this range – but that is ok as I actually prefer some of the older ones anyhow.

Anyway first up is the reason I bought into this force – seriously this model is just boss.  The Imperial Agent Crane rank.  Second only in rank to the mysterious Hsien agents – this guy is basically the boss.  He is also a bit of a beast sporting serious power armour, a decent gun (Multi Rifle), and actually rather good close combat abilities (Martial Arts Lvl3).  He chopped his first Tohaa in the half the other week which was fun 🙂  He is accompanied by a couple of Celestial Guard – who are basically the average grunts of the army – although are actually relatively elite as far as grunts go with WIP14 and BTS3.  The CG on the left is carrying the Kuang Shi control device (more on that in the future) and a super useful Combi Rifle + Smoke Grenade Launcher.

02 Crane + CG

Imperial Agent Crane Rank accompanied by two Celestial Guard

Next up we have the Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank accompanied by a Bao trooper – this model is the second reason I started this force – his action pose with his dirty great big sword is just epic.  The Pheasant is a lower ranking agent and has the useful ability to take over command if my lieutenant goes down.  Lore-wise they also serve a role in managing the somewhat over zealous Bao troops.  ISS are kinda-pretty much a ruthless secret police force and the Bao are the guys you would send in with a sack of door knobs to ‘interview’ persons of interest.  In this case the Bao is packing a MULTI Sniper Rifle and with his Multispectral Visor Lvl2 provides a very strong offensive punch.

03 Pheasant + Bao

Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank accompanied by Bao trooper

Now the true colours of the Imperial Service really start to shine with the Wu Ming Assault Corps.  These guys are penal soldier who have been offered the chance to redeem themselves by serving as front line combat troops until they work off their sentence.  Due to the tendency for Wu Ming to be deployed in the most inhospitable of circumstances they rarely achieve this goal.  Here I have a Heavy Rocket Launcher and actually a conversion of the new Chain Rifle profile.  These guys are super durable and solid heavy infantry.

04 Wu Ming

Wu Ming Assault Corps

Last but not least we have the humble Yaokong remote.  Shown in the Weibing ‘Guardian’ configuration this is a super useful support unit.  Packing a host of useful abilities and skills this guy can spot targets, flush out Camo or TO infiltrators, clear mines, and is even a repeater for hacking attacks.  Super duper handy.  Also I have actually magnetised the gun on the front and the sensor device on the right is pinned and simply slides out which means I can set this guy up in any of the four different Yaokong configurations.

05 Yaokong

Yaokong Weibing Guardian Remote

So that is what I’ve got done to date on my ISS – plenty more on the painting table including more Celestial Guard, Bao, & Wu Ming.  Another Yaokong so I can field two, some Kuang Shi, and actually another Pheasant with MSR that still needs to be assembled.  So plenty of options for some really varied and interesting forces!

Overall I’m really happy with how they have turned out so far.  I had several false starts on the orange – I initially started with the old, more reddish orange that CB had used on these models when they were first published.  But the newer, lighter almost yellow looks really good especially with the black & white helmets and hints of green.

01 Everyone

Imperial Service group shot


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