Post-apocalyptic Fun with TNT

As a long time fan of the Fallout series of CRPGs and a firm believer that you can never play too many skirmish rulesets – I have recently dived into the world of This is Not a Test (TNT).  TNT is a great little skirmish ruleset that harks back to the glory days of Necromunda in its feel – albeit with modern, more streamlined mechanics.  The theme is basically ‘Fallout’ – but it is super flexible and really any post-apocalyptic setting is feasible thanks to the extremely diverse warband rosters.  Last night I had my first ever game with Andy on his super cool table that he has been working on.

Following my ethos of the ‘rule of cool’ (which is a great ethos for TNT) I had decided to go a bit mental with my warband selection and build a Mutant Outcast warband with a twist – they were all giant Super mutants!!  This meant that every mutant in my warband has the ‘Big’ mutation – making them super tough and fighty – but also super expensive to recruit, so it was my 5 guys up against Andy’s far more numerous Peacekeepers.

I don’t even know the name of the mission we played – something from the Facebook group but it involved securing equipment caches scattered around the table (the red dice in the pics) – not ideal for my 5 guys when there were 6 caches that needed securing.  But I didn’t really care as the only thing my mutants were after were some tasty meat-popsicles!!

01 Ready for a fight

The Super mutants explore the Barbeque Bar – in search of BBQ no doubt.

02 IS the Doctor in Perhaps the doctor is in?  He wasn’t – but advancing the mutants came under heavy fire – the Peacekeeper LMG filling my lead Super mutant full of holes!!

03 The baddies

The puny un-evolved humans cowardly took up positions in cover and sent torrents of bullets downrange.

04 Execute execute execute Of course the Super mutants were not here to sit around and quickly advanced to close the gap.  The Omega Mutant leader, brandishing his cherished Laser Carbine silenced both the LMG and Sniper who were holed up on the top floor of a building.

05 Charge ‘Chef Benny’ (he is the mutant in charge of preparing meals) charged into combat wielding his mighty ‘tenderiser’ – but wasn’t able to finish the plucky Peacekeeper.

06 Covering Fire  Meanwhile the Mutant Gunner had been laying down a constant barrage of highly inaccurate fire from his vantage point on the BBQ Bar.  The rapid fire minigun was at least keeping all the Peacekeepers holed up in cover…

07 Outnumbered Chef Benny caught the whiff of Dog and was promptly assailed from all directions – unperturbed he fought off the canines before bludgeoning the hapless Peacekeeper to the ground!

08 Battle!

The Alpha Mutant on the other hand had broken cover – jammed his heavy pistol with a fumble – charged into combat – fumbled again and was thrown back from combat – then was mown down by a large calibre shotgun and full auto assault rifle at point blank range.  *Golfclap*

09 Biffo

Chef Benny on the other hand clubbed one of the dogs – mm’mm tonights stew will be exotic!  It wasn’t until the Peacekeeper leader personally intervened that The Chef was finally subdued.  The Mutant leader then shot down another dog with his laser carbine before the game ended on turn 8.

The result was a resounding win for the Peacekeepers as they were in possession of 4 of the 6 caches (I ended with a single cache).  The final tally was three mutants out of action to 5 Peacekeepers (2 were dogs) – so as far as the fight went it was actually pretty even.  Some fortunate post match roles saw all the casualties get away with no, or very light injuries – not a single death!  Unfortunately the mutants were less successful scavenging so it is going to be a while until I can afford to recruit a new member to boost my numbers a bit.

But that doesn’t matter because I had a totally ace time so thanks Andy and I look forward to more adventures in the wasteland!



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