Fresh ‘Preserved’ Meat!

The Supermutants ventured back into the wastes last night in another game of This is Not a Test.  This time I headed over to Jason’s place and played on his totally awesome Fallout terrain.  He decided to deploy his Brotherhood of Steel (Preserver) warband on a relic recovery operation.  My Supermutants, scavenging for loot themselves were soon distracted by the smell of fresh meat…

01-board The warbands met in the shadow of a ruined highway overpass.   It soon became apparent that the local area was indeed rich in pre-fall artifacts – in the form of unexploded ordnance!


The Supermutants advanced quickly, combing through the ruins of a garage and a nearby outhouse for scraps.

03-baddies The preservers however were plagued by early mechanical problems with their complex power armour and accompanying robots.  Their sniper was also late arriving (due to a small difference in warband size).  Their Lorekeeper was able to quickly search the town hall before any serious fighting broke out.


Bang Bang opened up on the lead Reclaimer in power armour – while Bang Bang was certainly strong enough to carry his minigun around he clearly wasn’t terribly good at keeping it in working order as the weapon almost immediately jammed.


Grunty had got into a good position to take advantage of the other power armoured Reclaimer who had suffered from a malfunction.  Unfortunately Grunty couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn…


Bang Bang decided to try and unjam him minigun by hitting the Heal-o-matic bot with it.  Things were going completely according to plan.


Chef Benny & my Alpha Mutant had advanced under the highway – engaging the Depend-o-bot which the Alpha Mutant sawed in half with his ripper.  The Preserver Loremaster beat a hasty retreat after Chef Benny wounded him with a frag grenade.  But it hadn’t all gone my way with 3 of the Supermutants taking a wound.


The game concluded with a spectacular fight between my Omega Mutant and a Reclaimer in power armour (the one Grunty had been missing all game long).  My boss charged into the building, triggering a pile of unexploded ordnance on the way in.  Spectacular it was but despite giving the Reclaimer a good pummeling he just couldn’t get through the tough armour to the tasty meat inside.

The game concluded with all the Supermutants still alive (4 had wounds!), while the preservers had lost their Depend-o-bot & Sniper (both survived).  The Supermutants however had managed to search 4 out of 6 of the areas which resulted in them bringing home the smoked brahmin with a massive haul of barter script and an ultra rare relic!


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