The Greco-Bactrian Revolution

Progress in the ongoing Ancient campaign I’m participating in saw a revolt in the Seleucid held province of Bactria.  Spurred on by the failed Seleucid invasion of India – the Greco-Bactrian subjects had risen against their masters!  A Seleucid army was swiftly dispatched to crush the insurrection – but would they succeed? 

Jim took command of the Seleucids, leading his troops deep into the endless steppe of Bactria.  The armies met on a plain, overlooked by a gentle hill rising to the West.


Observing the disposition of the Seleucid forces, the Greco-Bactrian commander issued a series of orders, redeploying the majority of his heavy cavalry to his right – while sending his light horse forward to contest the hill.


The Seleucids responded by sounding a general advance.  The Seleucid mounted seizing the hill while pressuring the Bactrian light horse, who had in their enthusiasm ventured slightly too close to the enemy.


The Greco-Bactrian commander, sensing danger redeploys his elephants to hold the right.  However the Bactrian light horse, caught flat footed are quickly dispatched in a series of brutal skirmishes.  The Seleucids advance swiftly on the left – the Greco Bactrian citizen auxilia standing bravely against insurmountable odds!


The Greco-Bactrian general commits his heavy cavalry to exploit the gap between the Seleucid center and the hill.  The Bactrian cavalry are pushed back, while the archers begin harassing the Seleucid elephants.

05-battle-raging The Seleucid light troops on the hill engage the elephant, the cavalry are pushed back further, the battle is poised to erupt as the Seleucid elephants prepare to engage the Greco-Bactrian left flank.


The Seleucids push forward on the left, annihilating the brave citizens of Bactria and leaving the Greco-Bactrian forces close to breaking point – but the Seleucid general has overextend, and the uncommitted Greco-Bactrian Phalanx advances to engage.  On the right the Greco-Bactrian general fights back the combined assault of the cavalry and auxilia.  A series of decisive engagements are initiated – can the Seleucids finish the job?


The Seleucid skirmishers are unable to trouble the thick hide of the Indian elephants who push them right over the hill.  The Greco-Bactrian general meanwhile, finally bests the cavalry with a decisive charge!  In the center the Greco-Bactrian archers haven taken their toll on the Seleucid elephants – felling the beasts with a hail of arrows!


However the greatest mishap occurs as the Seleucid general, taken by surprise by the spirited Greco-Bactrian Phalanghites is pushed back into his own elephants – trampled into ignominy beneath the behemoths!  To seal the deal the remaining Bactrian heavy cavalry charges home, scattering the light troops on the right.  In a spectacular turnaround the Greco-Bactrians have snatched victory from what looked like certain defeat!


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