More Terrain

An unprecedented bout of terrain building vigor has actually seen me build a few more pieces for my Gauls!  So now I have my own little slice of Gallica to defend from those naughty Roman imperialists.The year is 50 BC. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans.  Well, not entirely. One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. And life is not easy for the Roman legionaries who garrison the fortified camps of Totorum, Aquarium, Laudanum and Compendium . . .

00 Terrain

Somewhere in Gallica…

01 Fields

A field – pretty straightforward

03 Shrubbery

A shrubbery…


Fetch me that SHRUBBERY!!

02 Village

A peaceful village

04 Overview

Looking pretty good I think!

So as you can see after my initial push for practicality I got a little carried away and thought bugger it – the reason we play with little toy soldiers is to look good doing it!  So I ended up adding quite a lot of clutter to the shrubbery & village – but my theory is that with so much clutter the troops will sort of levitate their way across on the top of the shrubberys.  I can remove all the trees & village houses – they are just stuck in with a little bit of copper wire.  I might end up doing some magnets or tree bases for the forrests as I’m not happy with relying on the armitage stalks – they tend to fall out and are a pain to stick back in.

But I think it does look nice – now I just have about 50 Gauls left to paint to do my terrain justice!


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