Welcome to my miniature wargaming blog.  This is mostly for the benefit of people I do know so they can keep up to speed with my recent wargaming escapades.  But for those of you unfortunate enough to have stumbled upon this page who don’t know me – my name is Ben, and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Wargaming (or Man Dollies as it is also known) is a great hobby –  especially from the perspective of your wife.  It is relatively inexpensive (compared to off-road motorbike riding), and is a terrible way to meet other women (compared to well, pretty much anything really).  You also learn a lot about history, and tend to get pretty good at estimating small distances in inches – both excellent life skills.  But most importantly, wargaming is a social activity – which is the fundamental reason I’m writing this blog.  You play with your Dollies with other men and their Dollies, and you talk about manly things (like Star Wars).  It is these shared experiences that are what make the hobby great, and this blog is simply an extension of that facet.

So what can you expect?  Probably not much to be honest – but I’m planning to post battle reports, hopefully with insightful analysis from special guest generals (credit to Madaxeman for the inspiration).  But also stuff I get painted, stuff I’m working on, and whatever other random, wargaming related bits I feel like.

So thanks for reading.



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