Christchurch DBA Open (Classical)

Last weekend I attended the first round of the Christchurch DBA Open.  The competition is split into two, one day rounds – the first being armies of the Ancient/Classical period.  The concluding round will be later this year.  Anyhow after a long time away from any sort of wargaming (small children, work, & life in general) I was a bit rusty but looking forward to 5 games of the rapid fire DBA 3.0 ruleset. Continue reading →


The Defense of Gallia

I got down to the Cavs last week for another couple of DBA games with Brian.  I’m planning to play in the DBA comp at Warclouds coming up in Feb so I was eager to get in some more games with the Gauls.  Since their last outing I’d decided to rebase my 2 stands of 4Wb Gaesatae ‘naked warriors’ to the more mobile ‘Fast’ 3Wb.  This would give my army a bit more mobility.  Brian bought along his Romans again for a chance of revenge, but to mix things up a bit and give my Gauls something a bit different to fight against for our first game he wheeled out another historical opponent – his Thracians. Continue reading →

Mustering the Horde

So I thought I’d throw up some pics of my Gauls I’m working on for DBA.  This project started a long time ago as a full blown 15mm army but sort of petered out alongside the initial excitement around FoG as it became clear it wasn’t the one ancients set to rule them all.  Anyhow DBA has actually had a new edition out as of last November – DBA 3.0.  Apparently published by reclusive monks it is somewhat difficult to get hold of around these parts, but from all accounts the rules have been greatly tidied up.  So I’m looking forward to a game shortly and I’ll try and post up some thoughts afterwards. Continue reading →