The Rebellion Strikes Back!

So had a farewell game of Armada with John the other week (he is moving overseas) – took a few happy snaps from the game so thought I’d throw these up with some quick comments.  Continue reading →


Massacre at Coruscant

Well the first wargaming of 2016 and once again it was Grand Moff Jon in command of the might of the Imperial navy against my plucky Rebel fleet in another battle of Armada.  After the fairly dismal performance of the Rebels in their last outing Rebel high command had rethought their strategy, particularly concerning the employment of the new MC80 Star Cruiser. Continue reading →

Rebel Fleet Reinforcements

Christmas came early this year with the arrival of the new Armada Wave 2 ships, I managed to convince my wife to ‘buy me one’ for Xmas which is way better than socks!  Always a fan of the underdog Rebel Alliance I picked up the Home One expansion featuring the mighty MC80 Star Cruiser.  Matching up against this in its first outing would be Jon with his also brand new Imperial Star Destroyer.  The big ships are here and Armada finally feels like the epic fleet battle that it is supposed to 🙂 Continue reading →

Imperial Fleet Engagement

Jon popped over at short notice this evening for a game of Armada.  We are both eagerly awaiting the arrival of Wave 2, but for now we settled on a 400pt Wave 1 game.  I was keen to try out the Imperials having not commanded them for a while.  I went for a list that isn’t what I’d normally go for – fairly light on upgrades and with a lot of brute power:

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