Ulsan Castle

After another busy year I thought I would make a feeble attempt at documenting some of the projects I’ve managed to complete.  First up, expanding my DBA terrain to provide some interesting options for my Yi Koreans is a Fort! Continue reading →


Making Terrain

So with the excitement of the hotness that is ADLG and the prospect of expanding from DBA to a ‘proper’ big battle spectacle – my regular opponent and I lamented the typical approach to ancients terrain.  i.e. Little swaths of brightly coloured felt, typically geometrically optimised for maximum on-table performance!  Now I have been guilty of this approach myself as it is incredibly practical – especially as most ancients rules sets involve little wee bases where the relative positioning is fairly important – hence jostling and uneven surfaces becomes an issue.  Surely there is a way to combine practical with aesthetic sensibility – time to get my Japanese funk flowing methinks… Continue reading →